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Privacy Policy

Argenta Privacy Policy, committed to protecting your privacy.

Introduction is committed to protecting the privacy of our Visitors and Customers. Our privacy policy governs our use of private visitor information and other information about our Visitors and Customers.

Purpose believe that our online visitors and customers need to be provided with clear and prominent notice regarding what personal information is being collected about them, how it will be used, whether or not it will be disclosed, and if so, to whom.

Many entities have examined the issue of privacy and developed guidelines for establishing reasonable policies. We believe that by addressing these issues, we will fulfill the goals of fair information use supported by the UK, Irish & European governments and a variety of industry groups.

Privacy Guidelines:

Navigational Data/Tracking.

Argenta collects navigational data about where individual site visitors come from, exit to, and go while on our website. We do not disclose this information to third parties, except for those with whom we have contracted to analyze and safeguard the data on our behalf.

We may use web browser "cookies" to track progress through our Web site, but the cookies will not be used to collect or store individually identifiable information nor be linked to other information that allows us to identify any specific individual. However, we may use cookies with individual identifiers to support visitor enhancements such as site personalization or other eCommerce features such as product recommendations and your shopping cart.

Information Sharing/Disclosure.

We do not share navigational data with outside companies, except with those with whom we have contracted to analyze and safeguard the data on our behalf.

To offer our products and services in the best way possible, Argenta contracts with third party service partners. These partners provide us with data collection, storage, analysis and reporting services and are restricted from using your information in any way other than to help us make our site and services more useful to you and our other visitors.

We do not disclose individual names or customer contact information (such as telephone numbers, email address, or various personal identification numbers), to any third party without your prior consent, except as required by law, or as needed to fulfill an order or deliver a product that a customer has ordered.

Service partners will abide by Argenta's privacy policies.

Additionally, we may share information with law enforcement agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigations.

In support of maintaining a safe and secure environment for credit card purchases, it is essential to our customers that we use credit card and other billing account numbers only for the fulfillment of purchases or other transactions initiated by our Customers. We do not use credit card or other billing account numbers in other ways without your prior consent.

We do not release to third parties specific customer account information except to comply with valid legal process or in reasonable efforts to fulfill a transaction initiated by our Customers.

We provide Customers with the opportunity to update or correct contact and billing information.

We provide to our customers a means to update and ensure the accuracy of their online contact and billing information. For security reasons, we will not disclose the original information directly to the customer, but rather provide a means to re-enter changes to the information on record.

Online Purchases

The objective of the online purchases principle is to protect the information about customer transactions and other online uses from misuse and unauthorized disclosure. For security purposes, in the process of making a payment either on-line or by telephone, Argenta Catering Equipment Ltd will not hold/store a customer's financial information.

We may use information about the kinds of products you buy from us to make other marketing offers to you, unless you tell us not to, or to personalize your visits to our Web site. We do not give out this purchase data to others except as specified below:

We do not give out information about what individual customers purchase, except to complete the transactions or to comply with valid legal process.However, pursuant to specific contracts, we may be required provide third-parties with listings of specific groups of customers who have made purchases. Generally, this data will be aggregated and not individually identifiable, but this may not be true in all cases.

When we facilitate a transaction which is to be fulfilled by an outside party, we will not use the specific, individually identifiable transaction information collected from a customer for purposes other than fulfilling the transaction without your prior consent.


We give you choices about how we use your personal information.

The objective of the choice principle is to allow customers to opt-out of future marketing offers.

We give you choices about how the information that you provide may be used to make marketing offers to you. We provide you with a means to easily remove your contact information (like your email address) from marketing lists at any point in the future.

We do not sell or rent customer contact information to unaffiliated third parties for marketing purposes without your prior consent.

Safeguarding Personal Information

The objective of the safeguarding personal information principle is to take reasonable steps to protect your privacy using a variety of security procedures and controls. We use specialized technology, privacy protection controls and restrictions on employee access in an effort to safeguard your personal information.

We implement a variety of security measures to safeguard personal consumer information. Among other things, we employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to keep sensitive data secure in transit between your computer and our web servers.

We do not allow our employees to access personal information unless such access is warranted by business necessity.

We also require companies contracted as agents to take reasonable steps to safeguard any personal consumer information they handle on our behalf.

We require employees to acknowledge that they understand and will comply with our privacy policy.


We will keep you informed, clearly and prominently on this page, about what we do with your personal information, and we will advise you here if we change our policy. The objective of the notice principle is to ensure that you are aware of and understand how we protect your privacy.

We explain to visitors and customers how their information is used by providing this written privacy policy for our visitors and customers.

We notify customers of our privacy policy during registration when they make a purchase.

We provide written notice of policy changes through prominent and ongoing disclosure.

We provide a means for Visitors and Customers to ask questions about, voice concerns about, or report violations of the privacy policy.

If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy, or to report a suspected violation of our privacy policy, you may contact us by the following means:



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Account Information: Information pertaining to and supporting the management of a customer's account, including but not limited to account numbers and other account identification, promotion information, registration/cancellation information, and preferences and profiles.

Aggregate: Information considered as a whole or in groups. Compiled information that does not disclose individual identity.

Billing Information: Customer generated information specific to a customer's billing and payment methods and history, including but not limited to bills, payment and billing statements, credit card number, credit card expiration date, checking account number, debit card number, and credit card type.

Choice: Providing customers options about how their information can be used, such as opt-outs of email marketing offers.

Collection: Requesting, recording, or generating information. The automatic or manual collection or receipt of customer information from a customer or other party.

Contact Information: Information to support contacting customers, including but not limited to name, mailing address, telephone numbers, email addresses, and fax numbers.

Cookie: A collection of data that gets entered into the memory of Web browsers by some Web sites. This data contains the domain, path, lifetime, and values of variables that are set by the Web site. Cookies may be "permanently" or temporarily stored as small text files on your computer's hard drive.

Customer: Someone who has registered with us for the purpose of making a purchase or who has made a purchase from us in the past. Generally, we store much more information regarding Customers, including but not limited to Contact Information, Account Information, and Individually Identifiable Information. Customers are different from Visitors.

Disclosure: The release of information to unafilliated third parties. Disclosure does not include release to those agents and vendors who are covered by appropriate non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements or release of information for the purpose of complying with valid legal process, to protect the rights or property of Computer Geeks, or for emergencies. If you initiate contact with a third party with regard to us, we may disclose your communication with us or other relevant informtion to that same third party.

Individually Identifiable Information: Any information which can be used to identify a specific individual in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to the individual's physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural status, or social affiliations.

Marketing: Promotions provided by us. May be through direct mail, email, pop-ups, banner and/or other online advertisements.

Navigational Information: Information about what visitors or customers do online and where they go, including but not limited to recency of visit to specific online areas, frequency of visit to specific online areas, and pathing information.

Need to Access: The need to have access to information, including private customer information, for the fulfillment of an official corporate duty.

Notice: Indications to visitors and customers about policies and practices in effect.

Personal Information: Individual information about a customer that is specific to that customer. Personal information includes but is not limited to anything collected about a customer on an individual level and any information volunteered by the customer, such as a personal profile or preferences.

Registration Information: Customer created, personalized information used to customize services and content, and/or to fulfill transactions.

Private Communications: Communications that are intended to be contained among a defined set of participants, such as Email. Message board postings and public room conversations are not considered private communications.

Private Information: Private information includes all information about a customer that the customer has not made publicly available.

Public Information: Public information includes all online information about a customer that a customer has made publicly available.

Publicly Available Consumer Data: Information acquired from consumer marketing and reporting organizations and other publicly available sources.

Transactional Information: Purchase information, including but not limited to date of purchase, source of purchase, recency of purchase, frequency of purchase, dollar amount of purchase, type of product or product category purchased, means of purchase, type of credit card used, other uses of online commerce.

Use: Processing, transmitting, transforming, or otherwise handling information. Includes promotional, advertising, and marketing use.

Visitor: A Visitor to our Web site. Visitors are different from Customers.
(All Customers are Visitors, but not all Visitors are Customers.)

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